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Kait Scalisi is a sexual health educator, coach, speaker, and consultant. She earned her Bachelor's of Science in Neuroscience from Stonehill College in 2006 and her Master's in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University in May 2013. During her time at Hopkins, she has organized a number of events related to sexuality, taught sex education to victims of sex trafficking, and was a featured presenter at the first annual Panhellenic Wellness Day. She currently is a consultant for the Hopkins Sexual Assault Advisory Board and a workshop presenter at Roundbelly Wellness Center in Alexandria, VA. In 2012, Kait interned with the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (CSPH) where her work focused primarily at the intersection of sexuality and disease. Her writing is featured on Get Lusty for Couples, CSPH, and The Pink Paper. She also wrote content for a number of pamphlets available for purchase through the CSPH. In 2013, Get Lusty for Couples named the Passion by Kait Facebook page a Top 38 Must 'Like' Sexpert Facebook Page. Kait is known in the industry for her energy, her smile, and, yes, her passion for all that she does. Kait empowers her clients to live more pleasurable lives through a combination of evidence-based and metaphysical practices. Kait currently lives in Baltimore, MD.

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4 Sex Positions for People of Size

Anonymous asks:

Are there any books I might check out for sex with an unusually heavy man? Without getting too graphic, his stomach is so large, we cannot have sex; it just simply cannot be done…therefore other positions are necessary…I