Butt Sex Basics

Anal sex hurts.

Everyone’s doing it.

It’s no big deal.

It means you’re gay.

As anal sex becomes more mainstream, myths about it grow. Whether you’re interested in exploring the back door for the first time, want to go deeper, or have had a bad experience and want to do it right, read on for everything you need to know about easing into anal sex.

Anal play should never hurt

Many people have the expectation that anal has to hurt. Or they’ve tried it and it did hurt. This doesn’t have to be the case!

Pain is your body’s way of saying, “hey, boo—something isn’t right.” It means you need to pause, figure out if it’s something you can address right away, and either course correct or stop completely.

Despite its prevalence, pain during sex is neither normal nor necessary.

How do you prevent anal from hurting?

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#askKait: Is what I want normal?

Anonymous asks:

Is what I want (sexually) normal?


Nearly every question I’ve been asked in my near decade as a sex educator comes back to this core fear: am I normal?

My answer, 99% of the time? Yes.

It’s …

Are all women bi?

Every few years, “new” research about women’s sexuality splashes across headlines. “All women are bi!” it proclaims, giving a half-assed summary of the research that goes something like this:

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