Foreplay 101 Resources

Thank you so much for attending my Full Body Foreplay/ Foreplay 101 workshop! Here are some extra goodies to make your sexy time even more intimate, exciting, & fulfilling.

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AROUSAL, desire, & foreplay

4 Reasons to Read Romance Novels

Arousal Non-Concordance
Even more on arousal, desire, and the science behind sex: Come As You Are

How to Get in the Mood – Fast

Not in the Mood? Have More Satisfying Sex with These 3 Steps

Shy About Sex? Here’s Your 4-Step Plan for Satisfaction

The Power of Appreciation (Hint: It’s Great Foreplay)

The Secret to Having More Desire


3 Ways to Meet the Needs of Your ‘Physical Touch’ Partner

5 Easy Ways To Talk to Your Partner About Sex

5 Love Languages

My #1 Way to Talk About Sex With Your Partner

The Secret to Sharing Your Sex Fantasy (without feeling too awkward)

What to Do If You Try Something New In Bed & They Don’t Like It

Enhancing Foreplay

3 Reasons Sex Toys Spice Up Your Bedroom

3 Ways to Use Fantasies for Better Sex

5 Ways to Use Lube During Sex

6 Reasons to Try Mutual Masturbation + How to Get Started

10 Ways to Make Sex Fun Again

12 Tips to Make Massage Sexier

Aerie’s Guide to Giving Bad-Ass Blowjobs

All About Edging

Anal Sex Tips for Beginners

My favorite massage tools: Afterglow Candle + Contour M Massager

My Favorite Sexy Date Night In

New Things to Try in Bed: Sensation Play

Simple Ways to Spice Up the Bedroom

Why Use Lube


5 Ways to Have a G-Spot Orgasm

The Secret To Finding Your G-Spot

Interactive Tool to Explore Different Techniques for Vulvas



Erotic Films


9 Questions to Ask Yourself for the Best Orgasm (similar to the best sex exercise we did)

Can Women Think Their Way to a Better Orgasm?

How Common is It for a Woman to Be Multi-Orgasmic?

How He Can Last Longer During Sex

Is His Penis Too Big? Here are 7 Ways to Enjoy It

Sex Toys

3 Easy Ways to Care for Your Luxury Sex Toys

#treatyoself to some new toys

Introducing the Limon: A Bullet Vibrator with a Twist

Introducing: the Mona Wave + How to Find and Stimulate Your G-Spot

Introducing: The We-Vibe Touch

The Best Vibrators for Women: The Rabbit

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