2016 in Review – Kait’s Favorite Things of 2016

It’s that time of year when we look simultaneously backwards and forwards. Reflecting on the year that passed and planning for (and worrying about *coughTrumpcough*) the year ahead. I love the peace that settles over the world between Christmas and New Year’s. My inbox, social media, & NYC itself quiet down. The beau has off from work. There’s a quiet, hopeful anticipation mixed in with a flurry of last minute, “I can squeeze in just one more thing!” energy. Best of all for me, I finally feel well enough (thanks to one of my Game Changers) to be fully present and savor this exquisite time.

To celebrate, I’m excited to share some of the things I used this year to make my sex life as intimate, exciting, & fulfilling as the rest of my relationship! Think: sexy books that inspired me, the toys that excited me the most (even if they aren’t my all-time favorites like these), and more. Plus my favorite blog posts + moments with you.

I can’t wait to hear which of these you decide to gift to yourself (you’ve been working hard on strengthening your relationship so you deserve it!) and the other women in your life too of course!

Here’s just a FEW of my favorite items from 2016!

Just click on each category to see my picks then click on the item’s name to purchase it easily.



Happy New Year, dear pleasure seekers. See you on the flipside for even more practical + accessible ways to create a more intimate, exciting, & fulfilling sex life.

Your Partner in Passion

Kait xo