Resilient Relationship Resources

Gretchen Rubin – happiness & habits
My faves: Happiness Project and Happier podcast

Brooke Castillo – self-coaching and The Life Coach School podcast
Her episode on challenging relationships is one of my faves.

Danielle LaPorte – life coaching, strategy, and all-around awesomeness
Do you want to be right, or do you want to be free? (Choose “free.”)

Brene Brown – vulnerability

Non-Violent Communication – “NVC begins by assuming that we are all compassionate by nature and that violent strategies—whether verbal or physical—are learned behaviors taught and supported by the prevailing culture. NVC also assumes that we all share the same, basic human needs, and that each of our actions are a strategy to meet one or more of these needs.”
New York Center for NVC (they have a free first-mondays intro course I highly recommend)

Kate McCombs – How to Create a Sex Lab
An example with the g-spot

5 Love Languages
3 Ways to Meet the Needs of Your ‘Physical Touch’ Partner

Dealing with Rejection:

Related: Taking Yes For An Answer

How To Talk To Your Partner About Sex:
Part 1
Part 2