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Passion by Kait workshops equip you with the knowledge, skills, & tools to create a more intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex life. They’re a sophisticated, upscale alternative to your typical sex toy party.

Workshops are a great way to dip your toe into adult sex ed without the commitment, cost, or intimacy of one-to-one sessions. During the workshop, we dive deep into the topic you choose – think Foreplay, Oral Sex, or Orgasms – and you leave with specific sexy new things (not generic sex tips) to try right away to enhance that part of your sex life. You also have the chance to buy tools, ranging from essential oils to sex toys, in the privacy of a workshop setting. Get the guidance to find the best toy for you without going to the store (and risk seeing your neighbor or co-worker).

Workshops are highly interactive but no one is forced to share anything. There’s even time at the end to chat with me 1:1. That way if you have a Q or concern you don’t want to bring up in front of the group, you don’t have to! That’s also when you can buy any of the sex toys & accessories.

Glad your friend finally kicked the jerk to the curb and want to celebrate their new independence? Got a friend with a big birthday who’s never even tried a vibrator? Celebrating your besties upcoming nuptials and want a sophisticated alternative to a stripper? Want to send them off with everything they need for the best honeymoon evah? Want to get a few of your boo’d up friends together and learn some new blowjob techniques? Workshops are great for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, divorce parties, and friends’ nights in.

The Quick & Dirty

  • Workshops run 90 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Q&A is woven throughout the workshop with dedicated time at the end.
  • Guests can choose to receive up to two free one-on-one consultations ($100 value): one the night of your workshop and one in the two weeks after.


We came away from the night feeling enlightened and more confident about our sex lives.
I had participated in the typical ‘sex toy parties’ with my sorority sisters in college, but was looking for a more sophisticated, educational workshop-based experience to celebrate my 29th birthday. Kait did an amazing job answering ALL of our questions, keeping the group focused (not easy when wine is involved), and providing a customized session that was both informative and enjoyable. We were all laughing and feeling comfortable with the topics. The one-on-one session with Kait was a great way to open up if there was something we didn’t feel comfortable saying in front of the whole party, and Kait recommended not just the products, but actions and ideas for enhancing our individual sex lives. I most enjoyed her advice on communicating what we want and need to our sexual partner(s). I would recommend Kait to any group of women looking to have an absolute blast while learning from an extremely professional, intelligent, and warm woman. Thanks again for making my birthday party unforgettable!” KAT L, Stamford, CT
Kait really helped to take my party up a notch!
I had never hosted or attended a workshop (or anything of the kind) before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Kait impressed me from the very first email interaction. She is thorough, respectful, patient, knowledgeable, honest, down-to-earth, flexible and fun. My guests and I never felt pressured or uncomfortable. In fact, we had a blast and feel really enlightened, empowered, and excited post-bachelorette. I would definitely recommend Kait and the products she endorses. ~JULIANA C., New York, NY


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Workshop Descriptions

Oral Pleasure for Penises

Cosmopolitan calls me the “Oracle of Oral” (May 2017) and in this class I spill all my secrets. From teasing to deep throating to finishing the job without your jaw getting tired, you’ll learn all my favorite tips, tools, & tricks to making blow jobs more enjoyable and driving your partner wild.

All About Orgasm

As seen on Fusion TV’s Sex Right Now with Cleo Stiller

Orgasm. We all want one – or more! – but how do we get it? And what is an orgasm anyway? In this interactive workshop, you’ll explore “The Big O” and how to make it happen – better, stronger and more often.  You’ll discover different types of orgasms, learn how to overcome orgasmic challenges, and get answers to everything you ever wanted to know about arousal, pleasure, and climax.

Full Body Foreplay

Foreplay is so much more than the turn on before you get it on. It gets you in the mood, makes sex feel more amazing, and is a must-have for most women. Discover new ways to enjoy full-body foreplay and engage your most important sex organ – your brain. From massage to dirty talk, you’ll explore the why’s and how’s of arousal and how to fan that spark into a flame!

Sex Toys 101

You know that adult toys make sex more fun & pleasurable. But where do you begin?! Is the rabbit all that great? And what’s this about toxic toys? Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed or disappointed. In this workshop, we bust sex toy myths, see different types of toys, and help you find the perfect toy for you.


Get Your Sexy On Again: Passionate Monogamy in Long-Term Relationships

The longer you’re with your partner, the easier it is to fall into a rut. You want to mix things up, but most advice requires advanced acrobatics training or focuses on your partner’s pleasure. No more! In this workshop, learn the tips, tools, and positions to keep your sex life exciting for years to come.

From Body Image to Masturbation: Love Yourself Every Which Way

These days we’re constantly told to “love ourselves,” and for good reason: doing so helps you experience more intimacy and pleasure. Yet self-love and appreciation is easier said than done. In this workshop we explore different forms of self-love and how to enhance each so you can experience more pleasure every day.

Creating A Resilient Relationship

Resiliency is a key component of successful relationships, romantic or otherwise. It helps you ask for what you want, set and enforce boundaries, and deal with let-downs. But creating and keeping a resilient relationship can feel overwhelming!  In this workshop you’ll learn what resiliency is and is not, the qualities of resilient relationships, and how to make your relationships stronger than ever.

Busting Out! Sexual Myth Busting with Passion by Kait!

Join me for an inclusive, interactive event designed to separate fact from fiction! Topics will include the most common myths that sex educators hear—including on sex toys, foreplay, arousal, and orgasms—and will draw from questions straight from the audience. You’ll leave confident in your ability to lead your own informed, empowered sex lives, express your desires, and help yourself – and your partners – find #freedominpleasure.

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More Praise

Kait rocks!
I knew right away that an event with Kait would be fun, out of the box and push people’s boundaries. Which it was! Kait brings great energy, makes attendees feel comfortable with the topic, and really knows her stuff. Her workshop is a great balance between technical talk and fluff, never too serious or scientific.From the administrative side, Kait is a blast to work with! She’s professional, organized, on-time and makes attendees feel at ease. Everything went as smoothly as possible and I can’t wait to plan another event the next time she comes to town! MACKENZIE COHAN, San Francisco

Words cannot express…just do it and see!
Kait is amazing. She made the party fun, educational and engaging. I would do this again and again not only for bachelorette parties but even for women bonding events. Fabulous fabulous experience. PAM B, New York, NY

Each workshop is better than the last!
Kait is amazing! I have had the pleasure of attending two of her workshops recently, and each one is better than the last. She fits right in with any group, she is knowledgeable , enthusiastic and communicative in her presentation and is confident with the products she sells. I look forward to many more workshops to come! ASHLIE B, New York, NY

Kait absolutely lived up to her reputation!
I was excited for the opportunity to work with Kait as she came highly recommended and with very impressive credentials – which she lived up to! Kait is extremely professional and knowledgeable, while being honest, open and fun. She creates a safe, welcoming space where participants simultaneously learn, share, and have fun. LILY SHULTZE, San Francisco, CA


$35/person (minimum of 10 people)

Travel fee applies for distances longer than 50 minutes by public transit

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