8 Sex Toys to Spice Up Your Summer

My career as a sex educator started with peddling vibrators in dorm rooms at my college. Nearly a decade later, I still view toys as one of the most powerful tools for having a more intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex.

That being said, no single toy is “the best,” despite what many headlines proclaim. While some toys are more popular and beloved, no one toy will work for every body.

8 Sex Toys to Spice Up Your Summer

Below is a mix of my favorite toys as well as some new summer releases. All of these have a travel lock, so you can toss them in your suitcase without worrying about it buzzing through airport security. They’re also all either splash-proof (great during those two-shower days) or waterproof (for all your pool and beach sexy times).

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Apps for better sex

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Better sex…there’s an app for that?


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Everyone’s doing it.

It’s no big deal.

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#askKait: Is what I want normal?

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Is what I want (sexually) normal?


Nearly every question I’ve been asked in my near decade as a sex educator comes back to this core fear: am I normal?

My answer, 99% of the time? Yes.

It’s …