Watch This: A Passion by Kait Intro to BDSM

For those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook you know my fangirling sometimes seeps through with the occasional sexy photo of my fave actor, message to the shows’ writers, and/or quotes that relate to the mission of PbK.

Exhibit A:

Yes this is from after the publish date of this post…shh! Its too good of a quote not to share!

Well, one of my fave shows, ABC’s Once Upon a Time. And recently, recently amped up the sexual tension by introducing once of our favorite childhood villains: Captain Hook.

Wait, what?!

You see, this isn’t goofy Hook as we know him. Oh no, this is super sexy, black leather and eyeliner sporting Colin O’Donoghue. <–srsly click on that link. you will thank me. i promise! And let me tell you: all I, and much of the Once fandom, can think about is the BDSM storyline that could evolve from that hook of his.

Except that when I commented about this to a number of friends I got the same question: “What’s BDSM?” And I realized that, just as in every other profession, in my role as sex educator, I had developed a vocabulary that might not be so mainstream.

Rather than take you through BDSM in writing, I filmed a short video in which I…

    • explain what BDSM is
    • dispel some common myths surrounding the practice and lifestyle
    • provide ideas for adding BDSM play into your bedroom
    • share my two favorite Passion by Kait BDSM-lite products
    • look like an over-caffeinated, under-slept grad student talking about a topic she loves! <–cue the *crazy eyes*

Do you enjoy BDSM? What’s your favorite part?

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo